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Prepare your pet/s for a worry-free holiday!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Two bulldogs wearing Christmas hats

More Australians are favouring Pet Sitting Services for the speed and easy convenience they offer.

However, if you, like many of us lead a hectic lifestyle, don't leave your pet holiday preparation until the last minute. Here's a few helpful tips to help you get started...

Prepare your pet

Make sure you complete your Pet's full profile (which includes their Emergency contact person). Before your Pet's stay begins, make sure you complete your Pet's full profile. Your Lush Pet Sitter will need to know some important details about your pet whilst you're away. Please find a sample of Lush Pet Care Pet Boarding Information Form Page 1 below.

Lush Pet Care Pet Boarding Form

Prepare your pet for basic commands (basic training)

Will your dog respond to basic commands and is well socialised around other people and other pets? Does your pet have an aggression problem or have separation anxiety? Does your dog bark continuously whilst you're away from it?

Ensure your dog is up-to-date on it's flea and worming treatments including vaccinations

Ensure your pet is up-to-date on it's treatments and vaccinations before taking it to the Pet Sitters home to stay. It is just one of the important conditions for pre-boarding to ensure that all pets staying together (ie including the Pet Sitter's pets) are safe and healthy.

Ensure your Pet is microchipped

This can be done at your vet's.

Ensure your pets are wearing all their IDs tags

Ensure your Pet is registered with your local council and is wearing the registration tag on their collar.

Quality food / meals and treats, bones and other dietary requirement

Make sure you have provided the pet sitter with enough doggie treats, bones and any other special dietary requirements to last them whilst you’re away.

What to pack for your dog's backpack!

Here is a handy checklist:

Animated diagram of dog's boarding checklist

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