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At Lush Pet Care, your pets will be taken care of with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pets will feel right at home with us. We are flexible in our scheduling and very responsive with your pets. Get in touch so we can set up a meeting right away.
Accredited and Certified 
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Certificate in Animal Care FIrst Aid

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At Lush Pet Care, we strive hard to provide our customers with high quality services, personalized for your pet's unique requirements. 
We use quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments best suited for each individual pet according to their needs.  
We understand the sensitive skin issues that some pets may have and cater to their difficult temperaments that may occur from time to time.  
We are patient and we persevere.  
We give them time to adjust if needed.
Our groomers are accredited and certified and they are equipped with the knowledge and skills of handling pets of any size or breed.  
They are dedicated to the healthy and happy welfare of all animals big or small. 
Rest assured, the welfare of your pets when left with us are our first priority as we endeavour to make sure that they are returned to you looking and feeling like superstars!​
Please consult with your Lush Pet Groomer for your pet's specific grooming requirements.

When it comes to your pet's grooming requirements, we look for your honesty and transparency as we are here to assist you and your pets in the best way we can.

For this category, we cater for pets up to 15kg maximum.

Lush Pet Care Dog Day Care

Lush Pet Care offers a safe and EXCLUSIVE dog day care service with pets having full access to our patio and backyard areas for up to 12 hours on any day.

A Great Place to socialise your pets whilst you're away! 

Professional Care whilst you're not there!

Your convenience is our priority.

Please note that we are not a kennel.

So your pups are not kept or locked in kennels or crates.
Extra pets and public holidays surcharge.

Terms and conditions apply.

Catering to pets up to 15kgs only.

So call us today for a chat! 

It could be worth your while.
Accredited and Certified
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Certificate in Animal Care FIrst Aid

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You lead a very busy life. Working day in and day out at a stressful job, plus taking care of the family, you are only able to squeeze a little bit of time with Fido.

Whether it’s waking up an hour early before work, or taking time out of your social life, you try to give your pooch your time the best you can.

Unfortunately, that quick walk before work or game of tug-a-war at dinner time, just isn’t enough.

Your dog needs companionship, love, exercise, stimulation and a social life. Don’t blame yourself. Our busy lives just don’t give us enough time in the day for lengthy dog walks.

Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of our dog walking service.
Catering to pets up to 15kgs only.

Accredited and Certified
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Certificate in Animal Care FIrst Aid


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